Johan Conrad and Margarethe Trageser Johann and Catherine Trageser Johan and Gertrud Trageser Johann Trageser
      Johann Adam and Margarethe Trageser        
    Konrad and Maria Trageser          
  Johanne Konrad (III) and Gertrud Trageser            
    Johann Adam and Eva Muller          
        Valentin and Barbara Stuehler      
      Josef and Margarethe Stuehler   Johann and Dorothea Hochrein    
Johann Joseph and Maria Trageser         Johannes George and Anna Hochrein      
(Father and Mother of Henry Gerard Trageser)   Josef and Margarethe Stuehler     Georg and Ursula Horn-Kreuzthal    
        Johan and Katherina Stephan      
      Casper and Barbara Stephan        
  Johann and Anna Stuehler     Michael and Barbara Willinger      
        Philipp and Veronika Hochrein      
      Georgius and Magdelena Hochrein   Michael and Anna Horling    
    Johann and Margarethe Hochrein   Lorenz and Magdelena Horling      
      Johannes and Barbara Wehner   Sebastian and Margaretha Shad    

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