The following are photographs of points of interest in modern Freigericht.
The photos are courtesy of Michael Antoni of Bruchköbel, near Somborn.

The first two photos are of a monument to the Holy Trinity located on the main street of Somborn.
The monument was erected at the bequest of Anreas Schilling of Somborn, following his death on May 31, 1763.

The next photograph is of the "Helgenhaeuschen" in Altenmittlau at the street leading from Somborn to Altenmittlau. It is a very small chapel more than 200 years old. The exact year of construction is unknown.
To the left in the picture, you can see a portion of the Trageser's apple-wine factory.

The following photo is of the castle of Alzenau.
Alzenau and Somborn were together until the year 1748.

Many thanks to Michael Antoni for sending me these photos which he took during the summer of 2001.

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